Tribe XX Lab is a a co-working and wellness space for women working and living on their own terms. The Lab was borne out of a need to carve out spaces for women busy building, budding and bonding. We know that wonders are created when women come together.

With the new wave of consciousness sweeping the globe, we are now privy to the knowledge that magic happens when women band together. A tribe of women working together guarantees a pooling of knowledge, resources, magic and promotion which every woman will benefit from. We deserve a seat at the table and its time to work together to put each other in those seats.  

We are located on Lagos Island in Nigeria and offer an open-plan office space, private offices, events, networking, yoga, a nap room, conference room, reference library, pop up restaurants and wellness retail. The fundamental idea is to create a place where women can come together, network, make friendships, have somewhere comfortable to work and just be themselves.

With a general focus on self-care and balance, the space also partners with brands that retail wellness and self care products from natural hair care and skincare goods, to lingerie, jewelry, smoothies and many others. We believe strongly that with the responsibilities unfairly placed on women, it is imperative to make self-care a priority.

Its time to join the tribe!