Tribe XX Lab has a series of programs tailored exclusively towards the unique needs of female entrepreneurs and female led startups and businesses. These programs include;

  • XX Talks: This is a monthly conversation series, get together and hangout for the professional, civic, social and economic advancement of women. Tribe XX Lab also organizes webinars, seminars and workshops targeted towards impacting female entrepreneurs and training them on skills that’ll help propel their businesses forward. Training’s include; Digital marketing, Microsoft excel and power point, HR management and a lot of others

  • XX Accelerator: Every year, Tribe XX lab selects 100 female entrepreneurs to join our 6 month accelerator program. Benefits accruing to the accelerators in the program include; An access to mentorship from experienced industry professionals, access to investors and an opportunity to be trained on skills that’ll help guide you on the path to growing a successful business.

  • XX Corporate Partnership: As a Tribe XX corporate partner, we would link you with a network of talented entrepreneurs who would help you drive change in your industry. Benefits accruing to Partners include; acceleration of business growth strategy through new ideas, imbibe innovation into your company to help transform your company culture and a chance to collaborate and maintain long term networks with entrepreneurs in your industry

  • XX Hacks: This is a 48 hour hackathon bringing together female tech gurus from across the country with the aim of discussing and co - creating technological solutions related to women’s problems in today’s society.